Dec 09 2021

Backlogs keep growing in the West Coast even as rail lines reopen

 Executive director at Western Grain Elevator Association, Wade Sobkowich, notes: “As...
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Nov 24 2021

Risk of Cargo Theft to Increase during U.S. Thanksgiving

Cargo theft is always a risk but this is increased during...
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Nov 10 2021

BDO Canada: Supply chain among top-of-mind issues for mid-market businesses

Businesses of all sizes have been affected by supply chain challenges;...
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Oct 01 2021

Common question we get asked: Why are supply chains so messed up?

Demand continues to be the BUZZ word for describing market conditions;...
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Apr 14 2021

This summer ocean bookings will cause more inland freight to move

This could be the hottest summer ever for freight - According...
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