Growth through Acquisition

Are you looking to join a global organization?

At Fuze, growth is our driving force. Our organic initiatives are complemented by strategic acquisitions.

We want to take your business to the next level, and let your legacy live on as an operating company of the Fuze Group.

Let’s discuss your business and goals, and strategize the future together.

Our Approach

We are privately capitalized ensuring flexible and seller-friendly transactions with no need for outside debt.

We are interested in acquiring asset and non-asset based logistics companies that engage in Freight Brokering, Freight Forwarding, Intermodal Transportation and all Managed Supply Chain Solutions.

We are flexible to structure a deal that best suits your needs whether you seek a succession plan or want to be a part of the future. We believe in a decentralized management approach and favor keeping the existing management team in place.

We form long lasting partnerships with your employees and customers, that are built on trust and a shared vision. We will work together to build upon your legacy and take your business to new heights.

How can Fuze help grow my business?


We provide our portfolio of companies with the capital, resources, and best shared practices to ensure and accelerate growth.


We enjoy working with passionate people and invest time in coaching the future leaders of our company.


Through leadership summits and the collaboration of industry experts, we thrive on a culture of success.


Decades of experience and a history of successfully scaling logistics firms to be industry leaders.