Montreal, Quebec, November 8th, 2023 – Fuze Logistics Services Inc. a leading 3PL firm headquartered in Montreal, is excited to announce its acquisition of MapRoute Logistics, a niche freight broker specializing in transporting commodities. This merger is set to bolster Fuze Logistics Services Inc.’s market share in North America, combining the strengths and expertise of both firms.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our growth journey.” commented Domenic Di Girolamo, CEO of Fuze Logistics Services Inc. By integrating MapRoute Logistics’ capabilities with ours, we aim to deliver enhanced value to our clients and stakeholders.”

A pivotal aspect of this merger is the continued involvement of the key management team from MapRoute Logistics, ensuring a seamless transition and leveraging of their industry insights.


MapRoute Logistics is a leader in the freight brokerage of commodities, recognized for exceptional customer services and strong management. Over the last 25 years, MapRoute has enabled its clients to streamline their transport operations across North America while delivering innovative logistics solutions.


Fuze Logistics Services Inc. is a next-generation third-party logistics (3PL) firm leveraging cutting-edge technologies and decades of industry expertise to facilitate the transport of freight globally. Fuze Logistics capital allocation strategy seeks to buy, hold, and create long-term value for its portfolio companies as well as clients and partnerships, to complement its organic growth initiatives.

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