From port strikes to rail strikes, mudslides, forest fires; you name it: we have seen it all. I think the most important part of this unpredictable journey is that we keep our close relationships with our intermodal carriers well maintained. Without these strong relations, we would not be where we are today. Most importantly, proactivity is key during these times of uncertainty, especially with all the ongoing pandemic-related issues and driver shortages affecting the market capacity.

We also take into account that fuel costs are rising, which means carriers’ costs are rising, as well. We try to adapt to these situations, and work with our clients to best serve them in ensuring their freight does not get stuck at the rail/port yards and are out in a timely fashion.

The importance of a balanced relationship, between not only the client but the carrier, is necessary in order to keep harmony and ensure the day-to-day operations are maintained.

-Angel Mason, Intermodal Coordinator

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