The Canadian National Railway hired Tracy Robinson as its new president and CEO, making her the first woman to lead the company in its 103-year history. We reached out to our female VPs at Fuze Logistics Services for their opinion on the news. Kateryna Taftay, Vice-President of Talent and Growth, said: “What an exciting news for the Canadian railway community in its 103-year history! Having more women in leadership will help Canada to achieve gender equality and foster diversity. Women leaders in Canada will not only help influence decision-making around policies, laws, and management, but they will also act as role models and mentors for young women! History is made!!!”

Robinson will officially step into the new position as of February 28th. A woman stepping into a top-level position has made the headlines as it is still a first in so many industries. “In Canada, approximately 4% of CEOs identify as female and I feel it’s important to strive for equal representation at the executive level,” said Jessica Wagner, Vice-President of Ontario. “This allows for diverse viewpoints, varied approaches, and unique strategy. The appointment of Tracy Robinson as CEO of CN Rail should be acknowledged mainly because of her accomplishments, experience, vision, and drive to take one of Canada’s top 10 corporations to the next level. Not simply based on her gender identity. I look forward to seeing how this fresh approach at CNR revitalizes a long-standing company. Congratulations Tracy!”

According to Olser’s Diversity report, 2021 saw an increase of 2.2% from the previous year of women holding board seats among TSX-listed companies. This increase brings it to a total of 23.4%. “With the lack of women occupying C-level positions, this is great news towards improving C-Suite gender balance,” said Erica Damato, Vice-President of Administration at Fuze Hr Solutions. “Although the progress has been slow and irregular in Canada, these are continued steps in the right direction.   Love reading about influential women who are using their power!”


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