The first two weeks of September are essential weeks in the transportation industry as it’s considered National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in the USA and Canada.

Almost all aspects of everyday life are made possible by a truck driver delivering the goods and resources that people need. These celebratory weeks are an important time to recognize the hard work and commitment the men and women undertake to keep the freight industry moving.  In one of the economy’s most demanding jobs, truck drivers not only keep the freight industry moving and deliver goods in a safe and secure manner, but they also keep our highways safe.  

In Canada, the Canadian Trucking Alliance/Alliance Canadienne du Camionnage (CTA), in conjunction with eh provincial trucking associations, has established the National Trucking Week takes place on the first Sunday in September and runs until the following Saturday. This year, it will be from September 4-10th, 2022.

In the USA, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), this year the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11-17th, 2022.

Happy National Trucking Week to all the drivers, and thank you for your hard work!