Canadas commitment to work closely with the U.S and Mexico could play a significant role in the improvement of market conditions, and recovery from the pandemic. This in return would be beneficial to all three countries.

During the pandemic, we learned that collaboration is very important, but standardization is the key, and this is what CUSMA (CanadaUnited StatesMexico Agreement) brings to the table. The agreement coming into effect in 2020 was already considered a big step towards innovation and modernization of the border crossing and safety. However, there are still some important changes to make over the road to facilitate commerce between the three economies, so updates in the coming years are expected and demanded in the industry.

Overall, modernization of processes, lifted restrictions, and growth on-demand set’s a very promising atmosphere for Canada to play the role of a secure and reliable partner.

-Luis Carrero, Director of Operations – Mexico


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